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Site Search Option

Enabling the UseSiteSearch option will populate the "My SharePoint Sites" list with ALL of the sites the current user has access to. The following steps must be taken before using this option:
  1. A custom scope called "My SharePoint Sites" must be created in your search service application. Try to limit the scope to only include sections of your SharePoint site that are not accessible to all users. For example, if there is an intranet site available to all users in the root site collection, add a rule to only include the managed path(s) that contains the team/group/collaboration sites.
  2. The UseSiteSearch option can be enabled using one of the following methods:
    1. Download and install the .wsp file that has been built with this option already enabled. (Recommended)
    2. Add UseSiteSearch="true" to the MyLinksMenuControl in 14\TEMPLATE\CONTROLTEMPLATES\MyLinksMenu\MyLinks.ascx. (Not Recommended)
    3. Extract the contents of the .wsp file as outlined in Configuration Options, and make the desired configuration changes in CONTROLTEMPLATES\MyLinksMenu\MyLinks.ascx. Repackage the .wsp file using an archive utility that is compatible with .cab files (such as More instructions can be found on the Configuration Options page.

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